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Codetrix is a web and software development company based in Bangalore, India. Formed in 2002 by software Techies, we have sailed through the freelancers contribution of the Internet growth years finally being in our current structure since 2005.

After many years of industry experience in many levels in software companies, we wanted a company that could get genuinely close to customers needs and put together a team that could deliver all parts of the solution.

Our aim is to help companies define their exact requirements in web-based applications, websites and marketing. We help to transform these requirements into working solutions at an affordable budget.

Typically, Codetrix fits between the large consultancy companies with large overheads and small companies that simply do not have the breadth of skills to deliver all parts of a complex solution including specification, design, database, programming, and hosting.

The Codetrix philosophy is to encompass all parts of the solution in-house. This includes building our own core applications such as product catalogues, e-commerce, CRM systems and other database components giving us the flexibility of customising them to your exact needs.

Design is the core to any solution; the best of modern design is produced in-house to complement your ideas. More over we will design and develop web site, web applications and host it in our server. Codetrix offer highly resilient, hosting within our hosting centre that is fully integrated with the rest of our services. All technical support will be provided by our dedicated help desk.

Codetrix offer you a dynamic group of personal with a range of complex skills and experience operating from one building with one goal - the support and future success of you, our customer.