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The combination of leading edge technology, modern website design and in-depth knowledge of business processes, all controlled in-house to make us unique.

At Codetrix we design and develop our website for organisations wanting to use the medium as an integral part of their marketing mix. We have an in-depth understanding of the design, technological and marketing processes required to help companies define their strategy and deliver website solutions that reap the benefits available on the Internet today.

Unlike other Internet development companies, we do not outsource any aspect of the website design or production process. We have all the necessary personnel and expertise required to manage our clients' websites in-house, from brief to delivery.

Successful artwork for the Internet is achieved by balancing the needs of strong, eye-catching website design with the technological constraints of download times and the ability to work in all browsers using a minimum of plug-ins. Any website design needs to look authoritative, convey the correct messages and download with optimum speed. Our website design department works on the artistic and technological threshold pushing back the inherent restraints of working online.

With the accelerated availability of high-speed connections, we are increasingly using video and audio for specific target markets.

With global clients, we can help your business and organisation grow online. Contact us today to find out more about our website design services.